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The Education Fellowship is committed to ensuring every child at our academies receives access to a top quality education and the life opportunities which that can offer. We enable young people to face life confident they will make a difference wherever they go.   A key benefit for our Principals and staff is the high level of support, development and training provided to ensure that excellence is achieved throughout.  We don’t just want to enable outstanding Principals, we create motivational leaders in our academies.  We are clear that our Fellowship is in the business of education and that our students, pupils and their parents are our ‘customers’.  That mind set, and all that flows from it, is - and should not be any different from - any other business

About The Education Fellowship

The Education Fellowship is a multi-academy trust, established in December 2012.  Schools interested in joining The Fellowship can be reassured that it's not a 'take over' but a 'working together' in the best interest of our customers – the pupils.     We personalise our approach to each academy reflecting its individuality, culture, history and ambitions.  We bring specialist skills, expertise and experience to enable our academies to help every child achieve their potential, and support every member of staff to grow in their role and enjoy their work.     When a school joins The Fellowship, it doesn't just become a Fellowship academy, it becomes a co-owner with us in The Fellowship.

Values of The Education Fellowship

These values influence behaviour and actions and also have the capacity to inspire and encourage. Respecting one another and our environment is taken very seriously in all our academies which in turn leads them into the safe and inviting places they are.  We see every pupil as an individual, whether 3 or 18 years old, with each having a distinctive blend of gifts and abilities.  We hope to give everyone the confidence to feel positive about their strengths and to explore their personal interests.  We encourage students to engage with their peers, to think for themselves from an early age and have a sense of responsibility, to have dreams and self belief.

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