CEO - Johnson Kane

 Johnson Kane started his training at John Lewis and was their youngest ever appointed senior manager. 

He went on to be appointed by the government to the board of BAA to help oversee the first major privatisation, creating BAA plc. He has also been the CEO of major retail chains, Venture Capital Bank, and advisor to the UK’s top 100 CEOs. He particularly enjoys lecturing on senior leadership skills.   

 Johnson passionately believes that the academy movement must bring change in education and be prepared to take the brave steps to enable those changes to both happen and be sustained.  He is relentlessly driven in his belief that until the five partners in educating our pupils - the Department for Education, Ofsted, Regional Commissioner, Education Funding Agency and the academy trust - work together within a common culture and mind-set, we will not maximise our delivery to our end customers either above or below the line.   Until there is a culture of unity and common purpose, we will only disable the very purpose of our partnership. It's why Johnson is also a supporter of "corporate" skills and experience being good and effective alongside educational expertise in our academies. 

  When time allows Johnson enjoys driving classic fast cars and participating in motor sports. Johnson also endeavours, rather ineffectively, to go running whenever time allows.   Johnson is a career long believer in co-ownership and is proud that everyone who works and learns within the Fellowship is also a co-owner of the Fellowship.

COO - Lizzie Rowe

 Lizzie Rowe is the Chief Operating Officer who leads and challenges the team within The Education Fellowship. She has delegated authority within the CEO's office to ensure the targeted results and outcomes for the students in the Fellowship's charge are met.   She also leads the Guiding Coalition which she founded to ensure that the vital work of creating and sustaining the values, culture and brand of the Fellowship is not diluted. 

  Lizzie is committed to ensuring the Fellowship leads an all-through model of education where children will receive the highest level of undisturbed education which will result in lifelong learning.   She represents the Fellowship within the Department of Education, OFSTED, Education Funding Agency, Regional Commissioner and other bodies.  

 She has a passion for music, plays the cello and piano, and particularly enjoys choral music. If not at a concert or listening to music you can be sure to find her gardening, reading or sailing.